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Three wines made for three parts of your social meal. The still wines in this mix pack are made from our estate grown Cabernet in a 60/40 ratio of Cabernet Sauvignon/Cabernet Franc blend, in two distinct styles. The Sparkling Rose is a blend of fruit grown is the Yarra Valley. 

Apéritif: SPARK Rose x 2 - A refreshing sparkling blended from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier with a delicate fine bead and dry savoury finish. Made using the traditional method. Zero dosage.

Entrée: Little Amphora x 2 - Our Cabernet made light, to delight. A light style red wine that hints at all the Cabernet traits. A perfect blind tasting challenge... and one to whet the appetite. 

Mains: Amphora x 2 - Our terracotta amphoras provide excellent thermal insulation, ensuring gentle temperature changes during fermentation. The vessels’ natural porosity allows a benign passage of oxygen for optimal maturation of this wine, creating a special type of freshness. 

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