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Natural winemakers uphold the integrity of each grape variety, helping the natural and seasonal characteristics feature in each vintage. 
Natural wine is wine made without chemicals and minimum technological intervention in growing grapes and making them into wine. The term is used to distinguish such wine from organic wine and biodynamic wine because of differences in cellar practices.
These practices are preferred by people who are sensitive to allergens, additives and preservatives.
'Natural' has become increasingly senonemous with 'radical', 'funky' or 'out there' wines, however, there are many 'classic', 'subtle' and 'humble' Natural Winemakers... and we're one of them.
Our Vineyard
Natural winemaking starts in the vineyard. We believe care of the vines and the environment is just as important as the winemaking process itself. The care of our vines and vineyard is intimately interconnected with the management of the rest our estate. Our vineyard is fertilised and groomed by our sheep during the vines dormant months, with other organic fertilisers used during the growing period. This minimises the use of mechanised farm equipment and other resources. Watering is kept to a minimum to encourage the roots of our vines to reach greater soil depth, which imparts richer and more intense flavours in the wine. Our minimal intervention allows our vines to grow as much in their natural state as possible.
Our grapes are handpicked only when the grapes are at their ideal ripeness, in some years this has meant picking multiple times. This protects the grapes from damage and allows us to be selective during harvest, ensuring we pick the ideal fruit. 
Our Cellar 
Our minimal intervention practices in the cellar allow the seasonal variances of each variety to come to the fore. We believe additions and subtractions, in the form of filtration or other, take away from the wine's integrity and the ability of the grape variety to display the influences of the season. In our cellar practice, there are:
  • No added sugars, no foreign yeasts, no foreign bacteria.
  • No additives for color, mouth-feel, minerality, etc.
  • No external flavour additives, including those derived from new oak barrels, staves, chips, or liquid extract.
  • No fining or filtration - no egg, dairy or fish product. Vegan Friendly!
  • No heavy manipulation, such as micro-oxygenation, reverse osmosis, spinning cone, cryoextraction.
  • Minimal sulfites - less than 10ppm. No headaches!



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