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Appassimento Wines
Blackwood Hill’s flagship wines, Pearl, are inspired by the Italian winemaking processes; Appassimento and Ripasso to produce our White Pearl and Black Pearl wines.

Appassimento is a unique and particular method of winemaking from naturally dried grapes, a process traditionally used in the production of Amarone in Italy's Valpoicella wine region. The process concentrates and intensifies flavours, body and colour, typically drying over a three month period before the wine is produced. Blackwood Hill's White Pearl Appassimento is produced using a blend of white grape varieties while our Black Pearl Appassimento boasts the rich fruit characteristics of our field blended Cabernets. 

Blackwood Hill’s process of adding (or “repassing”) the skins and lees from our Black Pearl Appassimento into our Field Blended table wine imparts additional colour, flavour and characteristics from the previously dried fruit skins creating our Ripasso.

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