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Crochet Face Mask

August 03, 2020

Crochet Face Mask

The pattern below is based on the blue face mask pictured. Using an 8ply cotton blend, this mask is fitted, comfortable and super easy to breath.

You may need to modify the pattern to suit your face - increase more rows if your nose ridge is higher, or increase one or two rows less for kids, is an example.

This is the first Crochet Pattern I have written down, if there is step where I loose you, please get in contact, so I can clarify.

Language: UK 

4.0mm Hook
1 skein of 8ply cotton blend
4 Small beads tightly fitting for thread for ear loops
Bread tie for nose rigidity - optional

This pattern will start with the ear loops, followed by the mask - if you only have one skein you will need these ready to trim into the mask when you are done so you dont have to cut your yarn.

Simply chain 50-60 x 2 - leaving 10cm of tail on either end, for ease of handling.

Slip knot.
Row 1 SC into second chain from your hook.
Chain 16. Chain 1 and turn.
Single stitch rows 1-8. Chain 1 and turn each row.
Inc. row 9 in first stitch only (17). Chain 1 and turn.
Single stitch entire row. Chain 1 and turn.
Inc. row 11 first stitch only (18). Chain 1 and turn.
Single stitch entire row. Chain 1 and turn.
Repeat to row 22 (23). Chain 1 and turn.
Decs. row 23 first stitch only (22). Chain 1 and turn.
Single stitch entire row 24. Chain 1 and turn.
Repeat to row 34 (17). Chain 1 and turn each.
Single stitch rows 35-42 (16). Chain 1 and turn each row.

Trim top and bottom (nose and chin) with decrease stitch. This will pull the nose and chin in for a snug fit.
Single stitch ear loops into sides as you work around.

Slip knot a new thread. Set aside.
Overlap end of ear loops that have been trimmed, in left and right direction, about 10 chains along.
Chain 5-8 with new thread over ear loops trimmed in.
Repeat for second ear loop.
Tension around ears.
Use beads to lock off tension on overlapped chains.


NOSE WIRE - Optional
Weave bread tie into nose section of mask.


LINING - Optional
Cut, shape and hand stitch in a liner for additional protection.


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